Argumentative Kansas City Fan Sees Potential Brad Davis Trade As Opportunity

Kansas City, MO - Sporting Kansas City fan and chronically argumentative individual David Thurston admitted that he saw the potential Brad Davis trade to Kansas City as a great way to get into small fights on the internet about Brad Davis and what he means to Kansas City fans.

Who me? 

Who me? 

"This is my time!" said Mr. Thurston to The Nutmeg News on Thursday. "This potential trade needs an argumentative asshole who challenges fans on their assumption of fandom and repeats trite things like 'you aren't a Sporting fan if you don't love all the players' while then getting into another argument online about how much Brad Davis is the devil in disguise."

Mr. Thurston has admitted to creating a number of different personalities on reddit, facebook and twitter in order to yell at different Kansas City fans and stir up different emotions.

"It's important to troll your own fanbase about a player they don't like. It angries up the blood. Plus it's the offseason, I literally have nothing better to do. This Brad Davis news is the funniest thing I've had happen since that debacle ending to the season."

The Nutmeg News will have more from Mr. Thurston as he starts a rumor on Big Soccer that Sporting Kansas City are going to trade Graham Zusi and Matt Besler for the rights to Ronaldinho.