Fans Start GoFundMe To Purchase Snorkels For North Carolina Courage

Cary, NC - After an interview with Courage head coach Paul Riley where he stated his attitude on Hurricane Florence was, “We have spoken about it very little. We would play in a supermarket parking lot if we had to,” fans of the North Carolina Courage started a GoFundMe to purchase snorkels for the team in case the torrential rains flood the Courage facility.

“It’s important for our team to have an advantage over the Chicago Red Stars,” stated Courage fan Rebecca Kruse. “We are purchasing the highest quality snorkels we can for the team.”

According to team representatives, they do not have enough money to purchase snorkels for the entire team as they rely on fan donations to outfit the entirety of the team.

“We were told that, due to NCAA rules, we are actually unable to outfit Tori Hansen or Julia Aronov if the team had to call them up so we are hoping there isn’t some kind of emergency that would entail them playing,” stated Kruse to The Nutmeg News. “The NCAA said that they would just have to purchase their own snorkels or just die in the flood to keep their eligibility. Either/Or.”

With tensions surrounding the game at an all time high, owner Stephen Malik took time out of ignoring the problem to state, “We do not need snorkels. God will prevent this field from flooding. Rain will not touch us. We are above rain.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Paul Riley enforces a new training technique of having the team hold their breath during shooting drills.

Quick Skim Of "Inverting The Pyramid" Has New Expert Ready To Talk Tactics

Knoxville, TN - A quick skim of Inverting The Pyramid has John Jamison, a new formations and historical soccer expert, ready to talk tactics with all the soccer fans in his local area as he prowled the internet for places to exercise his prodigious knowledge of the game.


“I know the…. um…,”

Mr. Jamison quickly opened the book to a tab

“Yeah, I know the WM formation and the history and you know… like that Hungary coffee shop shit. Who wants to talk tactics!”

Mr. Jamison quickly made a name for himself on forums connected to the United States Men’s National Team with his seemingly sophisticated analysis of current tactical trends implemented by interim head coach Dave Sarachan which really was just cribbed ideas that he lifted from Jonathan Wilson and appropriated to a specific game.

“Yes, indeed,” Mr Jamison said sagaciously as he re-watched a youtube clips from a German first division game from 1993 that he found on youtube. “I can completely see the total arc and evolution of the false 9 from this simple highlight.”

Friends say that Jamison’s usual sanctimony has gone through the roof after reading Mr Wilson’s book on tactical innovation through the years, but that he was fine as long as you don’t talk about soccer.

“It’s like John has gone all in with being a gluten free vegan crossfit advocate,” stated good friend Brad Halloway. “We don’t talk about soccer and he doesn’t ask me about my hentai addiction. Win/Win.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Jamison decides that the world NEEDS a blog and twitter account and a youtube account regarding his particular insights into international tactics.

NWSL Offer Hurricane Florence Position As Commissioner Of League

Cary, NC - The National Women’s Soccer League reportedly sent two unpaid player representatives in a flimsy row boat out into the Atlantic Ocean in order to offer Hurricane Florence the position of Commissioner of the NWSL.

 “Even I think that Sky Blue hasn’t done enough for their players.” — Hurricane Florence

“Even I think that Sky Blue hasn’t done enough for their players.” — Hurricane Florence

“We are committed to diversity and committed to new ideas,” stated NWSL executive Amanda Duffy. “As such, we feel that our long non-search is over. We are ready to extend an offer to Hurricane Florence to be commissioner of the NWSL.”

League insiders indicate that the NWSL is bullish on Ms. Florence due to the unprecedented amount of publicity the storm is generating in the news, recently.

“The NWSL wants publicity and what better way to get publicity than appointing a natural disaster as your Commissioner,” stated one anonymous source. “It’s like when the Galaxy hired Alexi Lalas. It’s probably going to fail miserably, but everyone will be talking about it while it does.”

The Nutmeg News reached out for comment to Hurricane Florence but was unable to receive a response from her representatives.

Imprisoned 5 year Old Mexican Boy Hasn't Decided Whether He Will Commit To The United States Men's Soccer Team

McAllen, TX - According to his ICE assigned prison interpreter, Jose Gonzalez (5) of Juarez has not committed to playing soccer for the United States as, instead, he wept for his father and mother.

Sources indicate that US Soccer Federation President Carlos Cordeiro and head scout Thomas Rongen visited Gonzalez in the Child Detention Facility in McAllen Texas where Gonzalez has been held for the past 4 months after being forcefully separated from his family by the United States government.

“This new generation of youth prospect is something we cannot afford to overlook,” stated Cordeiro to the gathered prison guards. “We must DO something for these youths other than just reuniting them with their families.”

Fans of the USMNT state that they cannot believe that Gonzalez hasn’t already declared for the United States calling him an ungrateful and petulant child.

“How dare he come into the United States and not want to play for this country,” stated USMNT fan Brody Smith. “We shouldn’t let him out of his government mandated pen until he commits. You don’t come here at five years old, take my job, and not play for my soccer team. Hell, he doesn’t need family, and he doesn’t need heritage. What he needs to do is get better at soccer so he can play against Mexico later and beat them so I can taunt Felipe at the Taco truck because he claims he is Guatemalan but he definitely LOOKS like a Mexican.”

The Nutmeg News also spoke with ICE detention facility director and soccer fan Paul Brown who stated, “The subtle weeping going on in the detention facility every night tells me that we are creating a goldmine of future soccer talent. At least one of these imprisoned youths will utilize this horrible period of suffering and anguish in their lives to become great. The United States should call a few of them up, just in case they turn out to be good at soccer.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as SB Nation sends down an unpaid blogger to write a story about how future stars are being developed.

Singing Supporter Needs To Pick An Octave And Stick With It

NEW YORK - Fans in section 236 praise TIm Wellingsly, a New York City FC supporter, for his ability to start songs but they claim that he needs to pick an octave and stick with it after attempting three different songs in three different keys during the recent game at home.


"GOD DAMMIT TIM," stated supporter John Kim as he attempted to span the range that Mr Wellingsly was utilizing to belt out songs with reckless abandon. "I'm not spending the entire game pitch shifting."

According to people in the area who actually know something about music, Mr. Wellingsly is known for starting songs in an almost unapproachable Tenor C5 then modulating down during the song to a Baritone A4 before modulating again down to a Bass C2 and then starting another song in almost a Countertenor High E5 before realizing he can't sustain the pitch as he drifts into falsetto and stops to catch his breath.

"What KEY IS THIS IN, TIM....?! WHAT KEY IS THIS IN?! DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN YOU CANT START A SONG THIS HIGH.... I've sung Karaoke with people who have better instincts," ranted David Smith from Queens.

"I can't keep up with this shit," stated Rosalyn Sanchez from Bed Stuy. "He always picks a key that I can't sing so I've just started ignoring him and singing in the key that works for me. At this point, it's the only way forward for anyone that stands around him."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Wellingsly starts another song in a pitch so high that it results in everyone singling in their low end range and the song not taking off because no one can understand what anyone is singing.

Supporter Hopes To Carve Out Space In Section For His Own Brand Of Sit Down, No Flag, No Singing, Non-Participatory Support

Portland, OR - Timbers fan David Hughes stated that he hoped to carve out space in the Timbers Army for his own brand of sit down, no flags, no singing, non-participatory form of soccer support as his time on the season ticket waitlist for Timbers Army tickets comes to a close.


"I have one of the early appointment times," stated Hughes to The Nutmeg News. "I'm guaranteed to get Timbers Army tickets this year and I plan on sculpting my experience in the Timbers Army to be the kind of soccer support I want to see on a regular basis."

Hughes indicated that he originally specified Timbers Army tickets because they were among the least expensive options in the stadium, but that his long term goal is to support how he wants to support without pressure or judgment from anyone around him.

"They say that if you want to be Timbers Army then you already are," stated Hughes. "So I want to be Timbers Army, but I also want to sit, not sing, not wave flags and not have my view blocked for the game. I don't want any capos or fans to harass me about my choices. This is my form of support and I don't want the view I paid good money to receive to be blocked because someone has an erudite two-pole for a player based on an old German synth album."

Friends state that Hughes is absolutely in the right as they just want the bullying to end over his views.

"He has just as much a right as anyone else in the stadium to dictate exactly how he supports," stated good friend Nancy Davis. "If he wants to support the boys by not participating and sitting, then he should be commended for his courage. I'm not a fan of all these bullies claiming that he has to participate. I don't understand why they think that you need to only do things their way. There should be a place in the Timbers Army for people who don't want to participate and just want to sit down, surf the internet for a bit, and not have their view blocked."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hughes claims he will not delete his twitter account in light of the targeted harassment he is getting for his views.

New England Revolution Ready To Play 10th Consecutive Must Win Game

Foxborough, MA - The New England revolution announced on Tuesday that they were ready to play their 10th consecutive, "must win," game on Wednesday evening against New York City Football Club (NYCFC).

 Yes, what IS up with that?

Yes, what IS up with that?

"We are ready, we will prevail," stated Revolution head coach Brad Friedel for the 10th consecutive pre-game interview. "This is a must win game. It has to be. It is as much a must win game as the must win game against Portland, Philadelphia, D.C., Philadelphia again, Orlando, New York, Minnesota, the Galaxy, and Seattle. It is VERY must win."

Fans stated that they were ready for another must win as the epic edging from waiting for the culmination of all these must win games is leading to intoxicated and frustrated fans waiting for a release.

"THIS. IS. MUST. WIN. MADNESS," stated Cory Delbrook of Boston, Ma. "We must win the must win if we must win all our winnable must win games. This is so easy. We .... must....... MUST win."

Coach Friedel stated that if the Revolution fail to win this game against NYCFC that it will only highlight the must win nature of their upcoming game against Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC).

"This game is a must win, but the game against LAFC is also a must win. This is must win time. We must win. After all, we won't be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention until the final game of the season. It's all to play for!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Friedel prepares for a must win resume update.


Everyone In Supporters' Section Knows Karen's Relationship Is Going To Fail Except Her

Kansas City, KS - According to insider sources, everyone in The Cauldron section of Children's Mercy Park knows that Karen Henderson's relationship is going to fail except her.

 "Did you hear what he SAID on Saturday?"

"Did you hear what he SAID on Saturday?"

"Yeah, it's not going to last," stated Pat Williams of Overland Park. "The guy she brought last week was checked out a few minutes into the game. It's not happening."

"Hoooooo boy, where do I start," stated Veronica Hazling of the River Market neighborhood. "Look, I don't know Karen at all, but I heard from her friend Dave's friend that he talked to her friend Yancey about how this guy is just not going to work out. There's no way. Plus, I heard he was on his phone during the game. Like, c'mon... this is not going to last."

The Nutmeg News reached out to Ms. Henderson for comment, but she stated that she was perfectly happy with her current relationship and gave a doomed vote of confidence to her current partner Stephen William Phillips.

However, the reviews coming in from even as far as the south stand general admission section was not good for the fortunes of her relationship.

"I hear that she was unhappy about him wanting to leave early," stated friend of mutual friends and woman who read text messages over her shoulder one time two games ago Linda Kotby. "I know they had a date night scheduled that she took to mean a game they were attending that he wasn't happy about."

Even people as far flung as section 126 admitted that Henderson appeared to be well on her way to being single again as Jasmine Hitchcok stated, "I read her twitter feed that she was, 'not having a great day,' the other day so I'm pretty certain they are going to break up soon."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Henderson eventually breaks up with Phillips after realizing that he only attends games because of her and not the love of the team.

Carefree Soccer Supporter Unaware That Team Is About To Completely Fall Apart

Carefree soccer supporter Tom Stewart is reportedly unaware that his beloved team is about to completely fall apart due to issues in the locker room, persistent injuries at crucial positions of which he is completely unaware and a crisis in overall team confidence.

 "No one even wants to pass to me anymore."

"No one even wants to pass to me anymore."

"We are sitting in a good position right now for the stretch run," stated Stewart to The Nutmeg News. "We've had some tough games but this is the time where we turn it on and make a run to the championship."

Team sources indicate that, in fact, Mr. Stewarts favorite team is actually highly dysfunctional and completely rudderless as recent arguments in the locker room have poisoned the morale of the team leading to the recent struggles that he so graciously overlooked. 

"We are totally screwed," stated one anonymous player. "Half the defense doesn't trust the tactics anymore and they are tired of the forwards and midfielders not scoring. It's completely fractured, but we keep on acting online like everything isn't completely unraveling at the seams in order to keep the fans on our side. I mean, my insta stories are really driving some awesome fan engagement numbers for my own personal brand."

Our reporters spoke to one forward who was willing to speak anonymously who stated the following, "It's the fault of the defense. They can't keep a clean sheet even when we score 2 or 3 goals. We should be able to win if we even score one goal, but they can't keep screwing up back there."

Meanwhile, the hopelessly naive Mr Stewart reportedly purchased a new kit this week and is looking forward to the upcoming game which, unbeknownst to him, his own team thinks they are going to lose.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Stewart excuses the dispirited performances as an issue of fixture congestion. 


US Justice Department Immediately Opens Up Investigation Into FIFA After Gianni Infantino Meets With President Trump

WASHINGTON - According to insider sources, the United States Justice Department immediately opened up an investigation into the international money laundering cartel known as FIFA after president Gianni Infantino met with President Donald Trump.


"Given the level of corruption and backhanded deals involved within the organization including money laundering, human rights violations, and ethical impropriety we are amazed that FIFA even agreed to meet with President Trump and the United States corporation," stated one anonymous source with the Justice Department. "The feeling here is that any dealings that FIFA have with the United States casts a serious shadow over the organizational structure of FIFA and forces our hand into an investigation into the organization, again."

Infantino reportedly met President Donald Trump in the White House where the two discussed soccer, terminology, President Trump's son Baron, and how to avoid being prosecuted for human rights violations by the international community.

The Nutmeg News reached out to former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, currently serving a six year ban from FIFA activities, who had the following to say, "President Trump is a good man, a great man, a man I look up to in every regard. My removal from FIFA was a witch hunt built on fake news, to use your terminology."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Infantino suggests that term limits shouldn't apply to global leaders of federations OR countries.

TNN Art Corner: NYCFC Fan Groups Embrace Surrealism With Irrational Juxtaposition Of Right And Wrong

NEW YORK - With the New York City FC T.I.F.O team creating a display that evoked the dadaism and surrealism of the 1920s while challenging the preconceived notions of correct thought, The Nutmeg News turned to New York City Art Critic Donalda Bristane to illuminate their attempt at a stadium installation.

 We must understand what the artist is trying to say, here.

We must understand what the artist is trying to say, here.

"The layperson may see the wrong team crest in this display, but we, the critic, must see the irrational juxtaposition of the correct teams and the incorrect team as a sign that the creator wants to challenge our preconceived notions of what IS art," stated Bristane to The Nutmeg News. "The viewer wishes to see SSV Markranstädt, but the artist challenges this preconception by including Lokomotive Leipzig."

While fans castigated the display online, Ms Bristane indicated that they missed the overall messaging in the display.

"What we see here is really a demonstration of the idea of fake news, but in graphic format. It's a critique of the things that are so easily verifiable by google and modern technology as to not be believed when incorrectly stated or shown. It becomes clear that the artists could have and did spend the requisite time researching the right teams to include in this installation. The message is in the surrealism of putting in the wrong team, of forcing the viewer to comprehend, understand and apply themselves logically to deduce the message. Then the artist challenges the viewer by utilizing their rival's slogan while incorporating the dadaist methodology of completely ridiculing the meaninglessness of the modern world. Red Bull gives you wings, and death and fake news, and all the things in our news cycle. This piece is reflective of that even if it doesn't have the gravitas of inspirational pieces from the artists in Montreal who effected these ideas prior."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this after we consult our thesaurus to figure out about what she was talking.

Indy Eleven Fan Starts #NotBuiltForMLS Campaign To Ensure Team Doesn't Go To Major League Soccer

Indianapolis, IN - Indy Eleven fan Oscar Williams announced, today, the formation of his group "Not Built For MLS", a group dedicated to keeping his team out of Major League Soccer.

 .......... from the league structure.

.......... from the league structure.

"I just want to say Hell No to Major League Soccer," stated Williams to The Nutmeg News. "No to their franchising, no to their club movement, no to their arcane financial rules, and just no to the whole thing."

Williams started "Not Built For MLS" as a hashtag within the last six months as his thoughts clarified on the league after seeing what happened to Columbus Crew fans.

"I don't want to lose my team. I especially don't want that team moved somewhere else and to watch all those other fans enjoying my pain and misery as they fall in love with the players and team that I loved for so long. Moving to Major League Soccer means there is a chance that Indy 11 gets moved somewhere else so I'll be perfectly happy to stay in the USL."

#NotBuiltForMLS has taken off on social media with 10s of fans tweeting their support from Sacramento to Arizona.

"I just hope these fans know that what they have now is good enough," stated Williams. "I hope they know that the most important thing isn't being in the best league, but having a team you can call your own."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as other Indy Eleven fans call Williams a cynical dickhead who doesn't understand how totally awesome it would be to be in Major League soccer.

MLS Announces Changes To Annual Heineken Hooligan Week

With the yearly exhibit of all things rivalry, Heineken and hooligan now upon us, Major League Soccer announced that the third year of the Heineken Hooligan Week will bring some dramatic changes to the yearly competition in order to increase supporter participation.


"We will still have the Hardest Crew pose off and the Sandwich Board throw," stated MLS director of Hooligan Affairs and crap beer czar Dante Washington. "However, now we will also be adding in the MLS Heineken Pyromania competition, a styrofoam cooler smash, and 100 yard scarf steal dash."

According to Washington the MLS Heineken Pyromania competition will involve individual supporters sneaking pyro into their home stadiums, using it successfully, getting the scene into a commercial or advertisement utilized by the league and then getting banned by the league. The longer the ban and the more that the league uses the advertisement, the more points the supporter gets. This will be a yearly competition that will culminate during Heineken Rivalry Week and Heineken Hooligan Week.

As well, entering the competition this year is the Styrofoam cooler smash and the 100 yard scarf steal dash where supporters attempt to smash up the personal effects of other supporters in an attempt to look cool and evade the cops.

"Nothing says unrestrained passion for your city and your team like gently destroying a cooler filled with terrible beer that is carried by a soccer fan of a team that you've hated for the last year or so," stated Washington to The Nutmeg News. "We also plan to have a 100 yard dash where you steal a scarf off a supporter and then are chased by other out of shape supporters for 100 yards before the league issues sanctions against your supporters group and a banning order to someone in the general area of where the theft occurred."

Fans are reportedly excited for the new additions with several new Firm's spinning up in order to take place in the games.

"I've been practicing for the 100 yard scarf dash for at least 2 minutes this season already," stated one anonymous LAFC fan from the supporters group IRON HAMMER FIRM NOT ASSOCIATED WITH WEST HAM. "I'll run even faster if it happens to be an LA Galaxy fan that I'm stealing from."

The Nutmeg News will have more as the hooligan festivities kick off, bruv.


"I'm Not Paying $4 A Month To Read That Article," States Man Buying $55 Worth Of Concessions

LOS ANGELES - In reference to a recent Cameron Carter Vickers story on The Athletic, Galaxy supporter Erik Jamison stated, "I'm not paying $4 a month to read that article," while he bought $55 worth of concessions at the StubHub Center.


"I support soccer journalism as long as I don't have to pay for it." stated Jamison to his friend Peter Burrows. "I want the writers and photographers to get paid, but I ... you know... personally don't want to pay them."

As Mr. Burrows described the article written by Jeff Rueter he was cut short by Mr Jamison who said, "You pay for that?" before he swiped his debit card for two more $12.50 beers. 

According to friends online, Jamison took his concern to Facebook and Reddit as he came back from the game and complained about not being able to read the story about the Tottenham Hotspur player.

"My friend told me about this Cameron Carter Vickers story and I want to know if anyone can copy/paste it from behind the paywall," asked Jamison through his reddit account CobiJoneSoda. "I'm just looking for someone to send it my way because I can't really afford to pay for a subscription to a soccer journalism site."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Jamison spends another $40 on beer at the next home game.

MLS Ponders Possible Chicago Move To San Antonio If Austin Attendance Mirrors Dallas And Houston

NEW YORK - According to insiders, executives with Major League Soccer are considering a possible move of the Chicago Fire to San Antonio if future Austin MLS team attendance mirrors the half full stadiums of FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo.

 WOOOoooooooooooo look at that crowd!

WOOOoooooooooooo look at that crowd!

"Look, if three teams in Texas can't get us a sold out stadium we will just put another team and hope THAT one is good," stated one anonymous source.

League insiders noted that Houston and Dallas have both recently taken up two positions in the bottom seven list of 2018 MLS attendance. However, they also noted that moving Austin is just one trick towards expanding the Texas market.

"There's at least, like, a thousand people in Texas," stated one MLS marketing executive. "If we really get after them, we may be able to pull another 14,000/15,000 attendance crowd in place for Austin We are going to crack this Texas nut if we have to move 10 teams to Texas."

Fans in San Antonio reportedly rebelled against the idea of moving an Andrew Hauptman team to their area, but Major League Soccer was nonplussed stating, "You'll get it and you'll like it and your city will pay for it and you'll shut up or get nothing. We will get a sold out stadium in Texas eventually. It's going to happen, just like at Audi Field and the Banc of California stadium in Los Angeles it is going to be sold out all the time. ALL. THE. TIME."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we look into possible MLS expansion sites in San Angelo, Boerne, Paris, Brownsville, Waco, Lubbock and Texarkana.

"Attempted Destruction Of Columbus Crew Now Don Garber's Long Term Legacy," Say Fans

The association of soccer fans in the United States, Canada and select parts of the world paying attention all agreed that the attempted absolute destruction of the Columbus Crew would be considered Don Garber's long term legacy from here on out regardless of what happens.

 "I'll move your club just as soon as I can find another city ready to take it."

"I'll move your club just as soon as I can find another city ready to take it."

We spoke to Columbus native Dale Gillfry who stated, "All I think about when it comes to Don Garber is his willful destruction of the team that I love and grew up watching. I think about the fact that he stood by and facilitated a snake oil salesman moving the team that I love away from the city that I love. My dad took me to games. I've taken my kids to games. This is encouraged theft and Garber is responsible."

Our reporters spoke to soccer fans from Los Angeles to New York and despite their investment in Major League Soccer, all acknowledged their understanding of Garber's legacy in killing the Crew.

"Yeah, Donnie just stood by, accepted his Soccer Hall Of Fame induction and tried to kill MLS in Columbus, didn't he?" stated Galaxy fan David Gutierrez.

"It's amazing that the Commissioner of the league just screwed all these fans out of their history," stated Sporting Kansas City fan Deborah Hays.

"I don't really find it that surprising," stated San Jose fan James Wilson. "He tried to screw us over and has a history of not caring about the fans at all. So the fact that he would actively facilitate salting the earth in Columbus seems like par for the course for him."

According to league biographers, Garber is a saint who kept the league alive. However, according to fans, his history will always be one of inventing a myriad of byzantine rules that obfuscate the acquisition process to an insane degree, going against organized labor, killing the original San Jose Earthquakes, the Columbus Crew, Chivas USA, the Miami Fusion, and the Tampa Bay Mutiny, and attempting to put three teams in Texas.

"If you look at it one way, the dude is a straight up club serial killer," stated D.C. United fan Paul Kovacevich. "Granted a few of them were a reality of business, but you almost have to respect a league that cares so little it will intentionally disenfranchise the fans, however small, of five separate teams in 17 years."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the league tries to figure out a way to spin this whole situation as a positive.

Donnie Wahlberg Looks Into Purchasing NPSL Team

Boston, MA - After hearing of his brother Mark's interest in buying the Columbus Crew, actor and entrepreneur Donnie Wahlberg announced his interest in a National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) team.



"We can base it in the Boston area," stated Wahlberg to The Nutmeg News. "We are workshopping names, but it will either be called New Kicks On The Block or Wahlbangers FC."

Fans of the starved for soccer Boston area admit that it would be fantastic to have a local side for which to root.

"I'd love to have some local soccer," stated fan of the sport James Killkenny. "We don't have anything around here, for soccer, and I'm not about to go all the way out to Foxborough if Tom Brady isn't playing."

According to the NPSL, they have yet to hear anything concrete from Mr Wahlberg, but that didn't stop the owner of Wahlburgers from talking about this upcoming action with online publications.

"Yeah, it'll be great. We can have concessions provided by Wahlburgers and the music will be provided by old school jams from New Kids On The Block and The Funky Bunch. I've even heard that Dominic, a nephew of mine, played some online soccer so it'll give him a good chance at playing some outdoor sports."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as New Kicks On The Block takes on Good Vibrations FC in the US Open Cup.

Orlando City Fan Plans To Lash Out At Other Orlando Fans On Social Media Until This Team Situation Is Fixed

Orlando, FL - Orlando City fan Hugo Perez admitted that after the recent loss by City to D.C. United that he planned at lashing out at other Orlando City fans on social media until this whole team situation is resolved.

"One win in 15 games. FIFTEEN GAMES," stated Perez to The Nutmeg News. "And you know what, it's all that and we know that, but seriously the thing I freaking hate is that stupid flag that James made. Seriously, fuck that guy."

The fan referred to as James is actually James Ortega of Pine Hills who drives in to attend games with his girlfriend Sandra.

"If people have things to say they can say it to me or stop being a toxic crybaby" subtweeted Ortega online to his 250 Twitter followers."I'm just there to enjoy the game and not have to listen to a bunch of whining from people who don't do anything."

This sudden beef rallied fans onto both sides of the argument as the pulsating frenzy over Ortega v Perez began to outpace the anger the Orlando fans over the recent loss.

"Both of those guys are assholes," stated Orlando City fan Terrance Ruffins on the Facebook thread that spun out of control over the recent loss. "But not as much as those guys that aren't singing over in section 23. We are working our ass off and they are just doing nothing. If they wanted to stand and do nothing they should move over to 118."

The Nutmeg News spoke to some fans over in section 23 including longtime season ticket holder of 4 years Jefferson Anderson of Orlovista. "I've just about had it with the freaking losses, but I hate those guys over in section 24 who think their shit doesn't stink. It's one thing to lose every week, but it's another to have to deal with fans who make this whole thing a chore to even deal with."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as fans continue to fight each other instead of thinking about soccer.

2018/2019 Season Already Over For Reno Based Fulham Fan

Reno, NV - Local Fulham fan Patrick Chan admitted that the 2018 season was already over as his side wen't down 2-0 in the first game of the season.

"Yeah, that's pretty much it, " stated Mr. Chan to The Nutmeg News. "We had a good run of about 40 minutes before the season came to an end. It was a good run, but eventually the pressure was going to get to us."

According to himself, Mr. Chan didn't have high expectations for the season, but upon going down 2-0 to Crystal Palace,the realization kicked in that this would be the end of any possible title for which Fulham would challenge.

"I picked them randomly a few years ago," stated Chan. "I knew what I was getting myself into. When they made it back into the premier league I knew that as soon as the season kicked off that it would spell the end of our league challenge. It's fine, I suppose, as it is the reality of the league."

Despite his pessimism, Mr. Chan stated that he was hopeful for a successful season of, "avoiding a relegation battle and watching one win on the road. I'm hoping that it won't just be a campaign of pure misery."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Chan takes the positives from a sterling 40 minute title challenge.

Area Woman Remains Fan Of English Team Primarily So She Can Avoid Local Soccer Fans

Portland, OR - Portland soccer fan Isabella Theresa admitted that she remains a fan of English team Tottenham Hotspur primarily to avoid having to deal with local soccer fans in the Portland area.


"Oh sure, I say it is because the quality is better.... and it is.... but let's be honest... I like watching the games and not having to deal with the local people perpetually moaning about things," stated Ms. Theresa. 

Friends state that Ms. Theresa started following Tottenham over 10 years ago and stayed loyal regardless of the results.

"She definitely loves Spurs," stated good friend Linda Jones. "I tried to get her into the Timbers, but she said that she doesn't like all the drama that comes with the fans."

"There's nothing pleasant about the fans of your team moaning to you in person about all the things that have nothing to do with your team," stated Ms. Theresa to The Nutmeg News. "I just want to watch soccer and talk about soccer. Is that too much to ask?"

Reportedly, the abuse that Ms Theresa gets from fans on Twitter for not supporting her local team is just another nail in the coffin of her perpetual, unending support of Tottenham as she stated, "Look, I like what I like. What I don't like is having everyone tell me that I'm doing it wrong. Based upon what I see online with Timbers fans that's all that they ever do. I'm just going to stick with watching Spurs from abroad, taking trips over to London when I can and enjoying my irrational sports fandom as much as anyone else who ever found a team."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the 5 minutes that Ms. Theresa spends on Facebook looking at comments on a Timbers post convinces her of her decision.