MLS Newcomer Of The Year Hoping For European Move

LOS ANGELES - The Major League Soccer Newcomer Of The Year, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is reportedly hoping for a move to a top European team after his successful 2018 season where he netted 22 goals and 6 assists.


“Zlatan and I are currently looking at all our options,” stated player agent Ralph Steadman who also manages a chain of Boston Markets in the Providence area.

Rumors indicate that the newly crowned Ibrahimovic is eager to play in Europe with teams like Brøndby IF in the Danish Superliga admitting it could use the help of the fresh faced 37 year old youngster.

“We are interested in anyone who could help our team,” stated Danish soccer fan Aarhus Anderson. “If this so-called Zlatan can contribute to the MLS then certainly he could put in a few goals here.”

Skeptics say that Mr. Ibrahimovic has only had one good season with LA Galaxy as he didn’t even play for the side in 2017.

“We are not going to be basing our transfer methodology on one good season,” stated scout Yannick Dorsun. “Let’s see him try this for a few seasons with his local club before he moves to a more advanced league. There’s been plenty of American soccer players who haven’t handled the pressure that comes with playing in a European league.”

None of this stopped Major League Soccer from promoting the skills of the 37 year old rookie as many league affiliated observers claim that he could play in the top leagues in the world in the future.

“I can see a great career for him at 38, 39, and maybe even 40,” stated sports writer Howard Torburt. “What a promising talent! I hope the Galaxy bring him along slow so that he doesn’t get too much publicity and then flame out from the pressure. They need to really protect this lad.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Cristiano Ronaldo marks down a new goal of winning Newcomer Of The Year.