Sons Of Ben To Start Yelling, "YSA" In Effort To Get Philadelphia Union Allocation Money

Philadelphia, PA - The Philadelphia Union supporters group known as the Sons Of Ben stated that they would start yelling "You Suck, Asshole" in an effort at getting the league to give their team Allocation Money to shut up the fans as it was revealed, today, that Major League Soccer offered Red Bull New York Fans the same deal.

From Unusual Efforts, Please read the article here:

From Unusual Efforts, Please read the article here:

In a fantastic article about transphobia and homophobia in soccer on the website Unusual Efforts, a board member of a supporters group for Red Bull New York indicated that the league offered fans the option of stopping YSA in exchange for their team getting allocation money. 

Reportedly, the Son's of Ben indicated that if they knew this was an option, they would have instigated "You Suck, Asshole" until the league gave the Union allocation money as well.

"This seems a fantastic opportunity to give our team a distinct advantage by acting completely juvenile," stated SOB capo Jimmy "Swigs" McGee. "We yell it for a couple weeks. MLS cracks down, We respond in kind and the Union get a 200k for our stopping. We think the chant is juvenile and stupid but if it nets our team some scratch, that would be great."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as YSA makes a resurgence for that cold hard cash.