Reflective Kreis Returns To Coaching With Focus On Roll For Initiative And Endurance Points

Orlando, FL - Jason Kreis, former coach for Real Salt Lake (RSL) and New York City Football Club (NYCFC), sat down for an interview, today, after it was announced that he accepted the head coaching position for Orlando City Soccer Club (OCSC).  

Kreis stated that since he spent most of his player's experience points on Charisma, during his tenure with NYCFC, he will be taking time during the 2016 off season to grind slimes to try and get his Endurance and Hit Points raised up higher for the 2017 Orlando City season.

 Kreis during his days with NYCFC.

Kreis during his days with NYCFC.

"When I left the Real Salt Lake coaching job I did my initial creation rolls and put everything on Charisma," stated Kreis. "I really wanted to take on the role of Crusader. While I was at RSL I tried to put a little bit of energy into studying Barcelona passing tactics, the diamond formation conjuring spell and allocating experience points to Constitution but towards the end I assigned nearly everything else directly to Charisma.”

“Well, as we know my time at Real Salt Lake went pretty well and it enforced that my strategy was right, towards the end. So when I was given the job of NYCFC coach I decided to double down and really sink everything into Charisma by going to Manchester City to study their system for a year.”

Even after his time at Manchester City, Kreis had a hard time finding a rhythm at NYCFC, ultimately leaving them with a disappointing first year after not being able to bring the team to the MLS playoffs.

As Kreis stated to The Nutmeg News, " I was stunned by being unable to make saving throws against anything at a level Chicago Fire or higher. I realized that I need to get my roll for initiative on point and increase my endurance."

Analysts and pundits declared many reasons for Kreis' failure at NYCFC with a variety of arguments made such as players that didn't fit his style, a field size too small to play his passing style, and just not enough time given to the manager after his first season. However, most smart analysts say that his failures came due to him only studying 2nd edition rules of MLS-D&D.

Kreis finished his interview with our reporters by stating, “I have to say that despite it all, I’m really excited for this new campaign with Orlando City. In order to prepare for it I’m watching every single game on MLS Live from this year, studying Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes, previewing the Hollow World Campaign Set and I’m going to be grinding on slimes all throughout December. I really need to get those Endurance points back up.”