Upcoming 2017 Resolutions To Really Test Man's Fledgling Commitment To Soccer Team

Tampa, FL - Fledgling Manchester United fan David Thornberry admitted that his upcoming 2017 New Year's resolutions to, "get in shape, lose 20 pounds and get active," are really going to test his new found commitment to Manchester United games as he plans on simultaneously juggling the early morning on weekends for soccer and physical fitness.

#10 Get to a game at Rodney's house, on time.

#10 Get to a game at Rodney's house, on time.

"I can make this happen," stated Thornberry as he admitted that he was already having a difficult time figuring out whether he should be going to the gym, running or watching United play Reading in the FA Cup on the 7th.

"It's only the FA Cup.... It's not that big a deal.... right? I can find any old time to re-watch that, I would bet. However, I really am trying to make a commitment to Jeff and Travis that I'm actually going to show up at the Anytime Fitness, this time."

Reportedly, Thornberry's new found Manchester United friends are concerned that this is just the tip of the iceberg to him not being able to focus on games anymore as they pushed to have him show up and watch the game together via an illegal stream on the 7th.

"He isn't going to stick with this exercise shit anyway," stated Rodney Darrow of St. Petersburg. "He should just realize this, pick up some beer and come on over for some mid morning drinking."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as just waking up on time tests Thornberry's commitment to both of these scheduled activities.