Proudly Displayed Scarf Collection A Symbol Of Man's Perpetual Bachelorhood

Laramie, WY - A proudly displayed soccer scarf collection is roundly known within his circle of friends as the symbol of Arthur Leavenworth's perpetual bachelorhood as the 34 year old man-child maintains his single status heading into 2020.

Nothing says interior decorating skills like a man that knows how to put cloth on pvc pipe.

Nothing says interior decorating skills like a man that knows how to put cloth on pvc pipe.

"I do enjoy acquiring soccer scarves and displaying them in my living room," stated Leavenworth to The Nutmeg News as he lounged in his underwear eating Cheetos with a half empty Haagen-Daz carton and FIFA 2017 disc by his recliner.

"While I haven't been on a legitimate date in 6 months, I feel that any woman who will not accept me at my worst doesn't deserve to see me at my worst since i have absolutely no intention of changing who I am."

Since Leavenworth has started collecting scarves he has worked on both local soccer teams as well as international scarves stating that he doesn't have a particular ethos in acquiring them. "I don't care who the team is, just as long as the scarf is rare, and pretty, and no one has one like it around me."

Leavenworth has slowly been able to carpet his entire walls in polyester and cotton fabrics that represent roughly thousands of wasted dollars as he can't even remember the memories associated with each scarf anymore.

"I think I got that one from an online website and that one over there I got from my friend Geoffrey that I know online, but I can't remember specifically. Either way, I can tell you that if a woman comes in my apartment and sees this and runs for the hills that she wasn't right for me."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Leavenworth bemoans his lack of love life while devoting more of his personal time to watching CSKA Moscow play via an illegal youtube stream.