Paolo Di Canio Rumored To Be The New Coach Of USMNT

CHICAGO - Sources for US Soccer indicate that former Lazio player Paolo Di Canio will be the new coach of the USMNT with the announcement stated for later.

He's just giving an emphatic waive towards the Alt-Right.

He's just giving an emphatic waive towards the Alt-Right.

The fiery Di Canio reportedly is excited to work with the USMNT to expand their abilities on the field as well as off the field as he has been tasked to reform the training and recruitment of true American patriots to the national team.

"He really fits with the current political climate of the United States and he couldn't get work anywhere else, so we asked President-Elect Trump to expedite Di Canio's visa status so that we can approve him quickly and start the transition," stated an anonymous US Soccer Federation insider.

"We are looking forward to see what Paolo can do with our team now that his politics are in line with the governing alt-right politicians in the United States."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Di Canio considers if he really wants to work with a nationalist team.