Fan Finally Remembers To Check Major League Soccer Fantasy Team

Boston, MA - Revolution fan Danielle Demond finally remembered to check on the status of her Major League Soccer Fantasy team after completely losing interest and checking out after the first month of the season.


"I just remembered that I was actually entered in a league and still technically playing" said Demond. "There was no interaction on my chat board and it looks like 80% of the players in my league are phoning it in. I mean, the only people with updated lineups are the three guys with a chance to win the league. I couldn't even remember my login information anymore. Had to reset the password just to check it out."

While Ms. Demond was struggling to find a reason to check in with her team she said that her problem isn't just a league specific one.

"Fantasy soccer is terribly boring. You set team, you forget about team, a player gets injured, you forget to change the lineup, you don't log in for one week and then suddenly there are 9 games left in the season and you are wondering if you should even look. I'm also signed in for a league sponsored by a popular online blog and out of the hundreds of entries, it looks like 99% of them just don't give a shit anymore. I mean, that's a conservative estimate, but there's a lot of people still starting defenders and midfielders that are injured."

The Nutmeg News asked Ms. Demond if she plans to play next season. 

"Yeah, probably. I mean, I'll get all excited about it with a month to go before the season kicks off, and then I'll remember how bored I got last season, but despite all of my bad feelings from this season... I'll likely sign back up and then forget about it til August again. It's fantasy soccer, I mean... who really cares?"