Alex Morgan Fan Covers Self In Bed Bugs In Solidarity

Albuquerque, NM - Alex Morgan fan Diana Salinas stated, "I want to show Alex Morgan that she isn't alone" before covering herself in bed bugs and laying down in a black mold covered room for 24 hours.

The Nutmeg News asked Ms Salinas why she would do something like this and received the following response. 

"I love Alex. She is the world to me. The. WORLD. I needed to experience what it was like to be in her situation, the bed bugs, the mold, the bad room. I just have to know her and what it is like to be her. She's the best player in the world, the best. One time she favorited a tweet of mine. A TWEET. I put it in my profile. She's amazing.  So I have to cover myself in bed bugs. I just HAVE to. I mean if I put bed bugs on me, she might notice that I'm trying to protest with her as well. I mean, there is no reason to care about anyone else on this story because they aren't Morgan. My friends told me that if I did this that I would be the biggest Alex Morgan superfan. They are all doing it now. It's called the Bed Bug Treatment. It's great. I mean, we all use it now to help us play soccer. Have you ever been covered in Bed Bugs? It makes you great. It's what Morgan uses."

When it was pointed out that Morgan only played 7 games in2015 for the United States and only scored 1 goal, Ms Salinas was verbose.

"Don't you DARE say something against Alex. She didn't score that many goals because she didn't figure out the bed bug treatment early enough, and the coach hates her, and she was injured. "

The Nutmeg News reached out to Alex Morgan for comment and she sent the following statement.

"I love all my fans, all of them. I can't express how blessed I am in life. However, I can't help if some of my fans have attachment problems. If you think it is a problem for you, just imagine having all of them screaming at you all the time. Having said that, please don't cover yourself in bed bugs and mold. Also, all of my obsessive fans know that in order to be my number one fan they need to buy Nationwide auto insurance. Nationwide, its on your side."