Fans Excited For The Release Of The Theoretical MLS Roster Rules Which Don't Matter

Fans the league over expressed their excitement at the upcoming release of the 2015 Major League Soccer Theoretical Roster Rule Loose Knit Framework Of Exceptions And Holes Which Will Change Very Quickly When They Need To Change Them.

"I'm very excited" said Linda Koswalski, an Orlando City fan. "I'm trembling with anticipation at the ability to read and then immediately disregard all the information contained within"

TNN spoke with FC Dallas fan Darrel Rundell, "Well, I for one am excited to see the methods they come up with to invalidate this loose knit framework of theoretical exceptions. Just imagine when MLS gets a chance to sign someone like Giovani dos Santos or Javier Hernandez. They are gonna violate these rules so fast that it makes our head spin."

Administrators with MLS message boards such as reddit, big soccer and SB Nation blogs say that they have already upgraded their server space in order to deal with the insane rants and expositions that will come from fans who think they have a handle on the roster rules..

Montreal fan Juila Deveraux stated, "This is exciting because it gives everyone a chance to complain about a collection of rules that are less valuable than the ones and zeros that are used to encode them digitally. There's a decent chance that by the time they are released this weekend that there is an ownership committee working to violate them. It's an exciting time to be alive."

The Nutmeg News will have more reactions after the roster rules are released.