Blogger Waits 24 Hrs For Hot Take On CONCACAF Champions League

Cambridge, MA - Blogger Rick Witzel decided to wait 24 hours before posting his hot take screed on the importance of the CONCACAF Champions League and what is wrong with Major League Soccer.

"I knew that it might maximize the amount of eyeballs that are reading my piece" said Witzel, who is a 43 year old accounts receivable clerk for the fourth largest trundle bed manufacturer in Cambridge.

"I thought about it and I knew that if I posted my story immediately after it would be lost in the massive amount of hot takes that were circulating around immediately after the game. So I waited 24 hours to make sure that people would be able to read the truth, which is only what I write."

Witzel decided to take up writing about soccer after his brother in law took him to a friendly between the USA and Eastern Timor. "That game was amazing, and I just knew when I watched the game that I knew the game. I also knew that other people should know that I knew what I knew about knowing the game so I started my blog, I know that what I know about the CONCACAF Champions League is new and special, and I know that Major League Soccer is going to read this and see the light. This information is important, it is necessary."

Witzel's screed on the CONCACAF Champions League and Major League Soccer included 46 graphs and 10000 words. The Nutmeg News will follow up with Mr. Witzel when we finish reading Chapter 6 of his manifesto entitled, "Simon Borg Is a Replicant Information Dissemination Machine"