The Annual Flight Of The National Team Members Begins As NWSL Pre-Season Kicks Into Full Swing

NWSL Fans were, reportedly, elated by the departure of their club team's national team members as the annual sign of the National Women's Soccer League pre-season displayed itself with vibrant plumage.

At least we get paid for this job.

At least we get paid for this job.

"I knew it was time for the NWSL pre-season when I saw the United States and Canada soccer federations calling in all these players," stated Anna Siverson of Portland, OR. "Just like the flowers blooming, or people starting to switch to shorts, the annual call up of the important members of NWSL teams away from their teams is the sign that it is almost time for first kick."

As the international players return from their current hobby of playing for a club to their paying jobs with their international squads, fans begin to prepare friends, family and loved ones to know that likely the pre-season game that they talked them into going to will not feature the player that they wanted to see in the first place.

"Carli Lloyd will likely not be there," stated Jennifer Brayback of Houston, TX to her new girlfriend Janice Henderson. "I'm just warning you in advance, before we go, that she may not be there," stated Ms Brayback as Ms Henderson forlornly gazed at the Lloyd USWNT kit that she purchased just last month.

"Hey man, Um.... I just found out.. but ... um.... BAE (Alex Morgan) has to go play for the national team," stated Dan Thomas of Orlando, FL to his friend Brad. "So um... I still want to go, but you should probably not bring the sign asking her to prom."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the pre-season kicks off to full swing by the annual meeting of the US Soccer Federation to figure out how many cash-grab games they can squeeze out of the national team members before they collapse of exhaustion.