One Day Left As Fans Of USL Teams Prepare Themselves For The Start Of The Season And Bad Streams

The wait for United Soccer League fans is almost over as they finish their preparation for the start of the season, the excitement of first kick and the beginning of road fans watching their team playing at horrible facilities with, poor streams, and terrible commentators.

"I'm already preparing for a stream to just cut out and not show my teams goal," stated Valeri Dubois of Montreal. "This is why I watch all my games while simultaneously checking Twitter. I'm always afraid that the stream is going to crash or go to dark, and it will likely happen while I'm watching an onrushing player for my team running at goal."

While the variation of announcers, streams and facilities are dramatically different between some teams, bantz professionals like George Carroll of Sacramento are preparing to take these differences and add them to their smack talk for the start of the season.

"I've already got many of my insults worked out," stated Mr Carroll to the Nutmeg News on Thursday. "I'm going to talk about the shit infrastructure, the shit announcers, and I'm planning on comparing a lot of things to Bonney field and the infrastructure that we have here with Sacramento Republic. All you have to do is look around and figure out that what everyone else has is shit and then it becomes easy. FC Montreal? Shit. FC Cincinnati? Shit. Trust me when I tell you that everyone but Republic is shit and I'm planning on letting everyone know this online and in chat forums, at all times."

THIS.... is a seriously gorgeous facility.

THIS.... is a seriously gorgeous facility.

The Nutmeg News also spoke with Bethlehem Steel fan Kermit Norwood who had the following to say, "I'm excited to see the 99th season of Steel Football kick off here at Goodman Stadium. Our team has the most pedigree and the longest continual usage of a name. We are multiple time champion and I can't wait to win the US Open Cup this season to show everyone what Steel Football is really like. We are going to put Bethlehem back on the map."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the excitement builds to first kick on Friday.