Man Plans Elaborate Deconstruction Of Jurgen Klinsmann When Twitter Goes To 10,0000 Characters

Boston, MA - Nathan Stevenson, brilliant tactical mastermind and salesman for the third largest yogurt distributor in the nation, has announced his plans for an elaborate deconstruction of Jurgen Klinsmann when Twitter changes from 144 characters to 10,000 characters

Created by @danprimack

Created by @danprimack

"THIS will FINALLY take the German bastard down" stated Stevenson on his twitter page to his 3 followers and 23 pornbots. "I'm going to save United States soccer one 10,000 character tweet at a time, and I expect... nay I KNOW that this will finally finish his reign of terror."

While Mr Stevenson is mum on the intricacies of his statements, he is reportedly bullish on the future of 10,000 character tweets and his ability to annoy the living shit out of followers and hashtags by tagging things as "MUST READ" and "VITAL STATEMENT."

"I know that my truths must be known and that my ability to write a strong worded 10,000 character tweet will expose Klinsmann as the fraud that he is. I'm just going ape-shit on his ass and Sunil Gulati will have to pay attention."

The Nutmeg News will have more on Mr Stevenson as he is unfollowed by his friend Gerry who just has had enough.