Los Angeles FC To Announce Name Will Be "Los Angeles Liverpool Football Club United"

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles FC released a statement on the name of their team for their inaugural season.

"We have decided to take a traditional approach to naming our club and we will be called 'Los Angeles Liverpool Football Club United'. The Los Angeles signifies progress and the city where we live. The Liverpool signifies what we want people to attach our brand to while providing a grounding influence in football culture the world over. The Football indicates that we are above using soccer as a naming identifier. The Club indicates that we are not a franchise despite what you hear. The United shows the united passions of all of our fans and the joining of the two cities of Los Angeles and Liverpool despite neither of them having really very much to do with each other."

Los Angeles Liverpool Football Club United are currently taking deposits for season tickets on the outside chance that they get everything together to start playing in the next few years.