Financial Perspective: Smug Stocks Look To Rebound In Seattle

Seattle, WA - Leading smug analysts say that their projected Smug (SMG -47.00) overload from this weekend was left severely lacking as the Seattle Sounders lost to Los Angeles.

"We thought there would be an available surplus of Smug," said trader Brock Landers. "I was hedging on such a high number that I was calling all my clients telling them to trade heavily in smug. When the peak never hit and our supplies of smug started dropping in price, I knew that we were in for a bumpy ride."

With the Sounders playing Colorado this week, analysts have taken a more cautious approach trading heavily on a low to medium amount of smug in the mid-cap Smug trading zone. However, this does not signal a bear approach to the Seattle market.

Account manager Gary Gregory explains, "We feel that there will always be the opportunity for extreme smug growth in Seattle, however we are also diversifying our bonds into the Amalgamated Troll Bonds (ATB) and a sampling of Preening Overconfidence Stock (POS).When the Seattle Seahawks start up we will roll our Sounders smug into a high volume, high frequency bandwagon trading before consolidating our finances during the Sounders playoff run by selling off our Smug holdings for playoff disaster insurance, SigiOut industrial, and a minor amount of shares in Groupon.

TNN will have more on this as it develops.