"I Don't Understand Why I Can't Go To A Game Without Hearing About Politics," States D.C. United Fan Wearing 2019 Military Camo Kit With Leidos Sponsorship And American Flag Patch

Chevy Chase, MD - D.C. United fan Darryl Williams complained that, “I don’t understand why I can’t go to a game without hearing about politics,” as he wore his 2019 D.C. United Military Camouflage kit emblazoned with current kit sponsor and United States Department Of Defense/US Army facilitator Leidos and an American flag sleeve patch.

Regardless of your politics this is an absolute fashion crime against humanity.

Regardless of your politics this is an absolute fashion crime against humanity.

“I just want to go back to the no politics old times where we all would gather in Robert Francis Kennedy stadium and sing the national anthem for our team and we had MasterCard on the kit. Remember when United was owned by whoever owned Washington Soccer L.P.? Oh yes, I remember the days before politics were everywhere.”

Williams stated that he is tired of, “identity politics being forced upon me,” as he was forced to deal with the fact that other fans around him actually are people that he dislikes when he attends games.

“I’m not racist, I ate the puppyusas they sold. I liked Etcheverry. He was one of the good ones. All of our soccer players were always legal, you see. I just don’t want my nose rubbed in all this commie antifer stuff. Oh great, so you are gay, well shouldn’t I get a straight pride day at the stadium? What about me and what I want when I attend a soccer game? Shouldn’t it be more about me?”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Williams posts that back the 70’s no one talked about politics in sports ever despite being born in 1971.