Atlanta United Crowned Champion Of North America After Winning One Game Ad-Hoc Tournament At Home

Atlanta, GA - Atlanta United were crowned Champion Of North America after winning a one game ad-hoc tournament at home, on Wednesday.


“We really suffered through this tournament,” stated Atlanta fan Theo Williams. “From the moment I heard about it Tuesday to the moment we won it on Wednesday I was absolutely gripped.”

Sportswriters employed by the league talked about the great result as they crowned the new North American champions with superlatives they were last using on Los Angeles Football Club about one week ago.

“The best team in the region,” stated Barry Weiss, contributor to MLS and field reporter for the Sporting Journals Of Western Marietta.

“By far the single greatest result in Major League Soccer in one game tournaments that was just recently started by a team playing a Mexican team at home during the middle of the season,” stated Larry O’Donnel Of Kickturns! A ‘zine for middle aged swimmers. “I attended due to the availability of tickets on the secondary market and let me tell you, this was the best final I’ve ever seen as it was the only final I’ve ever watched.”

League historians indicate that this is the first time that a team in Major League Soccer has beaten a team from Liga MX in a final since 1998 as they lauded the tenacity and approach of Atlanta United and Frank de Boer.

“They had a tough road to the final,” stated Steve Williams Of Major League Soccer Soccer Dot com. “But they made the final, which was the only game of the tournament, and really showed their class in winning the trophy.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as writers turn their attention to LAFC again as they crown them the best team in the league, again.