NPSL Team Announces National Broadcasting Deal For The 2020 Season

Coral City, FL - NPSL team the Coral City Marauders announced a national broadcasting deal for the 2020 season as they indicated that they finally closed a deal with Jerry Rodriguez to have him stream all their home games to Twitch from a tablet.


“Coral City Marauders are proud to be the only National Premier Soccer League team with a national broadcasting deal,” stated the press release. “We are utilizing the technology available to us to distribute our games on a world wide platform utilizing a new technology and a guy sitting in the stands connected to our WIFI.”

Rodriguez stated that he first began streaming games online when he realized that he was bored and had nothing better to do.

“Yeah, I don’t know… I wouldn’t recommend it,” stated Rodriguez to The Nutmeg News. “At first it hurt my hands to hold it the entire game and try to follow the action, but now I just prop it up on a cup of coffee and hope that it doesn’t fall down or disconnect.”

The Marauders stated that their stellar broadcast team would be back for this season with Play-By-Play duties being handled by Drunk Chad Berky and William “Tank” Gutierrez who once played a game for the 69 Bandits in the Coral City Men’s Rec Soccer League while on MDMA.

“Chad and William will offer a fan perspective to our viewers that you can’t get anywhere else unless you are sitting near them because all they do is talk all game long,” stated Coral City president Zach Williams. “This deal will offer Coral City the chance to become the first national and even possibly international NPSL soccer team.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Marauders task their players to play a Minecraft challenge map while live streaming their warmups.