MLS Announces New Tournament for 2020 Called The Open Cup Of Leagues

NEW YORK - Major League Soccer announced, today, the formation of a new tournament involving teams from Major League Soccer, Liga MX and the United Soccer League that will start in 2020 bringing the total of competitions for some teams in MLS to five.

Look at THIS bold design!

Look at THIS bold design!

“We thought that the CONCACAF Champions League, US Open Cup, MLS Cup, and Leagues Cup wasn’t enough,” stated commissioner Don Garber. “So we decided to create another tournament that will really allow us to cash in on the interests of fans.”

The tournament is reportedly going to be called The Open Cup Of Leagues and will take place from April to November running on Tuesdays and Wednesdays opposite any US Open Cup or CONCACAF Champions League or regular season games that MLS or USL teams may be playing.

“The selection process of The Open Cup Of Leagues will be performed behind closed doors based upon a mandatory sealed bid process overseen by Soccer United Marketing,” stated Garber. “We plan on debuting the new tournament on the Flow Sports streaming program for a new monthly fee of $14.99. For that low cost you can watch all the games in The Open Cup Of Leagues provided they aren’t blacked out in your area.”

According to insiders, team owner operators are upset that the league is adding even more congestion to an already packed schedule but indicate that they will be fine with the whole thing provided it makes them a boatload of money.

“Three to four to five games a week for most of the year? I guess I’m fine with that as long as the check clears,” stated one anonymous owner.

While some fans are reportedly aghast at the idea of spending up to 4 days a week at the stadium, supporters groups in Major League Soccer issued edicts challenging the passion and commitment of fans who wouldn’t show up for a US Open Cup, Leagues Cup, MLS Regular season, CONCACAF Champions League and Open Cup Of Leagues game in one week.

As well, Commissioner Garber indicated that any team who won MLS Cup would still be expected to compete in the Campeones Cup game against the Liga MX champion.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as MLS cracks down on teams trying to sign or acquire on loan more players to compensate for the increased schedule.