Tampa Man Thanks Liverpool FC For Last 2 Years As European Champion Fan Moves Support To Chelsea

Tampa, FL - Tampa man Howard Norman thanked Liverpool FC and their fans for the last two years as the European Champion fan announced his permanent transfer to Chelsea FC in order to follow the career of Christian Pulisic.

“These last few years with Liverpool have been fantastic,” stated Norman in his letter to the fans on his Twitter account. “However, it is time for me to make a move that I feel will be better for my fan career.”

In an interview with himself via a bunch of questions and answers posted to his Facebook page, Norman indicated that he felt like his time with Liverpool was at an end as the team won the Champions League this season.

“It’s been a tough but successful last two years,” stated Norman. “I feel that with the Champions League victory that now is the time for me to really explore my love for Christian Pulisic and all things Pulisic as a blue for 2019/2020. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to Liverpool so I plan on giving away all of my fan gear on my e-bay page at 5% off if you purchase two items.”

For their part, the Liverpool fans world wide are handling the departure of Norman with great aplomb as they repeatedly asked, “who,” when we interviewed them for this article.

“I’m proud to be a blue this year and I’m proud to be on the Chelsea bandwagon! Up the mighty fightin Pulisics!”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Norman is instantaneously an expert on the transfer restrictions that Chelsea has in place.