Team Loses Despite Supporters Best Attempt At Singing All Game

Portland, OR - Despite Timbers supporter Bethany Sharp’s best attempt at singing all game,, the Portland Timbers still lost on Saturday to Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) 3-2.


“I thought that I would have more of an impact on the game,” stated a vocally hoarse Sharp to The Nutmeg News. “Hell, I thought that WE would have more of an impact on the game.”

Sharp stated that she watched as the Timbers gave up two goals in the first half of the game despite her shredding her vocal chords after a season of inactivity.

“I encouraged everyone around me to sing,” stated Sharp. “I spent almost the whole match singing. I waved a flag. I’m not certain there is anything more that I could do. I spent most of the game trying to figure out what else I could do, and I don’t think there’s anything else.”

For comparisons sake, TNN reporters spoke to LAFC fan Sandra Flores who stated that she was ecstatic that her singing all game brought LAFC to victory as she exclaimed, “There was a moment where I was worried, but they clearly heard us and me specifically on the field. If it wasn’t for us, the team would’ve lost..”

For her part, Sharp stated that she would just try to be more vigorous in her flag waving and singing during the next game.

“Clearly we just need to go 1% more in order to get a victory. I might even sacrifice an animal like they used to do in the Old Testament.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Sharp places a craigslist ad for a live goat and Flores celebrates the victory by proclaiming on Twitter that, “WE WON IN PORTLAND. AND SHOWED THEM WHAT’S UP”.