MLS Commissioner Don Garber Weighs In On Reports Of White Walkers At NYCFC Games

NEW YORK - Embattled Commissioner Don Garber made a statement on the recent report of White Walkers and an army of the dead showing up in the stands at NYCFC games as a recent picture showed White Walkers at Yankee Stadium.


“There are many fine people on both sides,” stated Garber to the collected reporters that the league pays to cover the game. “We aren’t in the position to police our supporters thoughts, nor do we have the capability to do so.”

Commissioner Garber was asked about the tendency of wights to kill all humanity and then enslave them into their army of the resurrected dead wreaking havoc and hell upon the world until no humanity remains as he stated, “Our job is not to judge or profile any fan. It is to manage how our fans are both interacting with each other and how they are acting in our stadiums. At this point, that is how we are going to address the situation. The last thing this league is going to do is start getting into profiling who people are and what their backgrounds are. That is a slippery slope that we are not going to engage in.”

“I can assure you if anyone is misbehaving, regardless of what their backgrounds are and regardless of what their political affiliations or propensities towards working towards the extinction of the human race are, there will be a zero-tolerance policy that we will continue to enforce.”

According to those at the game, Commissioner Garber and Major League Soccer security ejected activists who gathered in the stands to protest the presence of the White Walker.

“We cannot allow these people in our stands, they are calling for the extermination of the human race,” stated one anonymous NYCFC fan. “MLS Security took down our banner protesting the white walkers stating that it was against the MLS standards on politics.

However, several reports and pictures came in of the White Walkers making appearances on away games as the holy undead were spotted holding up banners that said, “Anti-Anti White Walkers” and “Killing Humans is a good thing, but not political at all.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Major League Soccer hosts an NYCFC Wight Pride Night