Atlanta United Fan Wants To Know Why New Mexico United Article Doesn't Mention Atlanta United

Atlanta, GA - According to the internet, Atlanta United fan Ben Cresswell spent most of his Monday repeatedly asking writers and fans on Facebook and Twitter why the recent article about the upcoming game between New Mexico United and Phoenix Rising doesn’t mention Atlanta United.

“ok, that’s great, but …….. what about Atlanta?”

“ok, that’s great, but …….. what about Atlanta?”

“Where’s Atlanta in all this,” stated Cresswell through his Twitter account @GresselIsGodMode to the official USL Championship account. “You can’t write about New Mexico United and any new team in the USL without a mention to the team that started the whole thing off in Major League Soccer.”

As he relentlessly harangued accounts on all of his registered social media platforms, Cresswell reached out to friends and fellow fans to help him shine a light on the inequitable coverage being shown to his team.

“We cannot let this injustice stand,” ranted Cresswell through his blog and podcast on Atlanta United. “We must demand equal coverage on items pertaining to new teams, United teams and any soccer team in North America.”

For his part, Cresswell went back online to find another article about the recent 1-1 draw in Albuquerque to ask, “What about Atlanta?” According to fellow fans, Cresswell also reached out about recent articles on KOAT news, the Albuquerque Journal, and KRQE News 13, as well as blogs that dared to mention the new USL side without crediting MLS 3.0 to the league champions and discussing their impact on and off the field.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Cresswell reaches out to the blog of a AYSO parent to ask them to rightfully credit Atlanta United as the genesis of interesting that program.