Hinkle Grateful For Second Chance To Hate Lesbians Internationally While On The United States National Team

Cary, NC - An effusive Jaelene Hinkle stated that she was, "Thrilled and grateful for the second chance to hate lesbians internationally," after she was offered a second chance to represent the United States.

"Not everyone gets a second chance to represent the National Team after they previously turned them down because they wouldn't wear a rainbow colored number on their kit because their religious belief makes them think that all gays and lesbians are horrible monsters" stated director of US Soccer Bill Williams. "We knew that Ms. Hinkle would really seize the opportunity to show her bigotry on the international level and show that she isn't constrained to just an national following."

Fans of the player say that you can't discriminate against Hinkle due to her religious belief that lesbians are forcing their lifestyle on the general public and that unrepentant sodomites will burn in the fires of hell.

"Hinkle is right and including her on the national team really enforces that the US Women's National team welcomes everyone including players who agree to appear on a television program where the host suggested a man move to Saudi Arabia and become a Muslim so he could beat his wife," stated evangelical Christian Darla Heathersbee.

However, reportedly, members of the gay and lesbian community were shocked that a US Soccer entity that just held pride events last month would include someone on an official roster that appeared on a television show where the host stated that Haitians made a deal with the devil, during the 1791 slave revolt, which eventually caused the 2010 devastating Earthquake.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as US Soccer continues to work both sides of the aisle.