Doubting Player Kicked Off SheBelieves Squad

Columbus, OH - Just days away from kickoff in the SheBelieves Cup, French midfielder Claudette Bernard was told to go home after confirming that she privately admitted that she doubted whether the side would win the SheBelieves Cup.

This is both a stupid article and an out of date infographic.

This is both a stupid article and an out of date infographic.

Bernard reportedly had the conversation late in the evening on the 26th of February after training was over. Her comments were reportedly grounds for dismissal from the squad.

"I believe in myself," stated a crestfallen Bernard to The Nutmeg News. "However, it is very true that there are many great teams in this tournament, so I cannot say that we will win the cup."

Fans were aghast at the news as Theresa Williams from San Jose stated, "This is the SheBelieves cup, not the SheDoesn'tBelieve Cup. I'm only here for the players that believe!"

After being shunned due to her godless atheistic tendencies, Bernard stated that she wouldn't stop believing in herself while being realistic, unless that starts to mess with her bottom line as she stated, "I still believe! Believe me! She Believes... in herself... I just have to admit that there are many good....." 

The Nutmeg News will have less from Bernard unless SheBelieves in the future.