Atlanta United Fans Prepare For Biggest Club Transition Since Not Having A Team Two Years Ago

Atlanta, GA - Atlanta United fans were reportedly preparing for the biggest club transition since not having a team two years ago as rumors continued to swirl that head coach Tata Martino will be leaving the side at the end of the year.


“Oh god, it’s like …… um……………………. well……. ok, I guess I don’t really have any kind of historical nostalgia to fall back on,” stated Atlanta United fan Hector Gomez.

Fans of Atlanta United have been nervously awaiting this day since the team started playing well last year as it became obvious that if they kept it up that Tata Martino would be a wanted man.

“I was worried about this in January,” stated Atlanta United fan Shondra Evans. “We played so well last year, I just knew that if we played well this year he might go somewhere. And now that somewhere is somewhere else and that time is now and I guess I’m just going through my first broken heart with this team.”

Dissident fan Travis Brown stated that he was fine with Martino leaving because, “I’m just saying man, he hasn’t gotten it done in the playoffs. In the entire history of this team we’ve never ONCE made MLS Cup. This is some bullshit. It’s time for new blood. TATA OUT.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as rumors continue to inflame the passions of fans in the area.