Austin Bold Considering Move To Columbus

Austin, TX - Austin Bold, the new United Soccer League (USL) expansion team, indicated that while they remain bullish for their success in the Austin area that they are considering a move to Columbus, Ohio if they are unable to obtain a foothold in the community.

It’s better than Helvetica United

It’s better than Helvetica United

“We remain thoroughly invested in the Austin community,” stated Austin Bold press secretary Travis Wells. “However, we reserve the right to explore other communities that may be more receptive to our situation.”

Insiders say that the executives for Austin Bold are concerned that with the possibility of a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise that they will have an issue pulling a crowd in a city that has been relatively lukewarm for local soccer teams in the past.

“They are absolutely terrified,” stated one anonymous insider. “At this point they are exploring playing in Mapfre Stadium if the Columbus Crew get another downtown stadium built. All options are on the table.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Austin Bold consider a re-brand to Tahoma Bold Faux Italic.