Travelling FC Edmonton Fans Disappointed To Report That Summer Of Love Was Replaced With Summer Of Worrying About My Insurance Coverage

San Francisco, CA - Travelling FC Edmonton supporters to San Franciso for the SF Deltas game on August 26th were reportedly disappointed to find that the legendary Summer Of Love was replaced with the Summer Of Worrying About My Insurance Coverage.

Where's the hippies?

Where's the hippies?

"We thought San Francisco was going to be a hippie paradise with people playing guitar, smoking pot and hanging out in the parks relaxing," stated Edmonton fan Carl McKenzie.

"Instead it was a bunch of over caffeinated people wandering around freaking out about their pre-existing conditions, whether they were going to lose their health insurance, what that would mean for their parents, and whether they could continue living in their rented room for $2400 a month."

While having a great time watching their team take all three points on the road, Eddies fans were reportedly shocked at the level of grim faced depression that bounced around San Francisco as Americans stared at the eternal and unending car crash that consumes their lives via their phones.

"It was amazing and makes me appreciate Edmonton and Canada that much more," stated Dave McKenzie from his Edmonton home. "I'm happy to be back, AND with our three points. That August trip was still fun, though."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Edmonton fans plan a visit to the great soccer cathedral of Giants Stadium to watch the Cosmos and Pele play.