Peter Vermes Complains To Fourth Official About Length Of Victory Celebration

Kansas City, KS - According to sources on the field, Sporting Kansas City head coach Peter Vermes was incensed about the length of the victory celebration for Sporting Kansas City and berated the fourth official for not bringing the raucous party to a close.

Vermes seen here in happier times.

Vermes seen here in happier times.

"This is bullshit, we have a game in 4 days and we need the ground for practice to get our defensive formations right," stated Vermes as he motioned for the officials to get the trophy celebration over so that he could run drills and wind sprints.

Vermes was upset from the moment the game kicked off after Latif Blessing was forced out of the game after being injured, and his mood didn't improve after Kansas City won the game as he reportedly berated Sporting Kansas City for, "resting on their laurels," after winning the US Open Cup.

"You call this a decisive victory? I call this a crock of shit. We give up a goal with 6 minutes left in the game? UNACCEPTABLE. We we aught to give the trophy back over to New York with the way you played. We are all going to stay here until we get our positioning right on set pieces," stated Vermes to his team.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Vermes sets up practice cones for the after game intra-team scrimmage.