Devotion To Random NFL Team Not Propagating To Random MLS Team

Birmingham, AL - Local soccer fan and die hard Seattle Seahawks 12th man Tom Brown admitted that the limit to his arbitrary loves in sports extends only to the boundary of the NFL as he refuses to just randomly pick an MLS team.



"Soccer won't be big in this country until local fans have a rooting interest in their club getting promoted up the ladder," stated Brown as he flexed a newly inked 12 tattoo on his bicep. "I may have picked my NFL team arbitrarily based upon the fact that they win a lot and their fans make a lot of noise, but I refuse to extend the same level of effort towards soccer."

Brown stated that while he cheers for the Alabama Crimson Tide, that his NFL allegiance was always in flux. However, his love of football, his need to talk to co-workers about the NFL, and his need to have a community somewhere lead him to randomly switch his die-hard allegiance the Seahawks right about the time they hired Pete Carroll. 

"I may be 2,500 miles away from Seattle, but I do it for the love of the game. However, following a random MLS team? No sir. I'm not about to give my love to an arbitrarily selected team in soccer like I did with the NFL. The MLS is all corporate culture, not for the fans. That's why I'm fine with my randomly selected team in the NFL. I'm going to complain online and in person about the current soccer system in the US not catering to my own desires and not pick any team at all. That's how it works. I'm waiting to go full bore into soccer when we finally have whatever they have in England and not a moment before."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Brown arbitrarily decides to support Chelsea.