Facebook Comment Solves All The Problems In US Soccer

Toledo, OH - A Facebook comment by Roger Dillon reportedly solved all the problems in US Soccer provided that anyone affiliated with US Soccer actually reads the authoritative and ranting spew posted as the 643rd comment to a US Soccer post on Wednesday.

This would only improve things if it deleted all of Facebook at the same time.

This would only improve things if it deleted all of Facebook at the same time.

Dillon's thousand word comment reportedly contained so much wisdom that at least 10 people liked the comment, netting almost as much interaction as a post containing a Rick And Morty meme referencing Bruce Arena.

Outlining a progressive and cautious approach to opening the pyramid, investing in the game locally and creating a system that advocates for soccer across the United States, Dillon pitched a seeming utopia of US Soccer with promotion/relegation, an open pyramid and financial investment into coaching certificates and youth soccer.

"All I need is a period of time to speak with the US Soccer candidates," stated Dillon in an interview with his Kitchen Aid. "I can convince them of the errors of their way and show them that these big businesses making money off the game isn't the best way for things to be run. I guarantee you that I can convince all these millionaires that they shouldn't be making as much money. Easy."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Dillon attempts posts his screed to Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Digg, Tinder, and his own private Slack channel where he is the only member.