"All New Expansion Teams Must Utilize A Viking Clap," States Major League Soccer

NEW YORK - Releasing a new document detailing requirements for expansion, Major League Soccer (MLS) stated that, "All new expansion teams must utilize a viking clap."

That sweet sweet Viking Clap

That sweet sweet Viking Clap

"It is a requirement in a league for new teams and new supporters groups," stated president of Major League Soccer Mark Abbot. "A viking clap is imperative not only for atmosphere but for consideration of expansion. LAFC have already agreed to implement a viking clap, Atlanta United have a viking clap. Seattle Sounders have a viking clap. You cannot be a successful team without a viking clap."

Sources within the league state that the modified FCC Viking clap for FC Cincinnati has increased the bid possibility of Cincinnati from possible to probable as the team showed the initiative to get on trend with Major League Soccer.

"Cincinatti went from a nice story to a shoe-in with the viking clap," stated our insider with Major League Soccer. "The league loves a good viking clap so it was only a matter of time."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the trend shifts back to vuvuzelas and Seven Nation Army.