Self Absorbed Narcissist Admits He Is Perfect For Supporters' Group Leadership

NEW YORK - Timothy Ross, a self absorbed narcissist, admitted that he is perfect for supporters' group leadership as he announced his candidacy for leadership of any position that is open within NYCFC's fan groups.

I don't TAKE pictures.... I make pictures, of myself... in a mirror. It's hard finding good subject matter.

I don't TAKE pictures.... I make pictures, of myself... in a mirror. It's hard finding good subject matter.

"I'm the right person for the job," stated Ross to his two Twitter accounts, his Facebook account, Instagram account, Snapchat account, Reddit account, 4chan account, 8chan account, IRC account, Slack Channel, and Voat account. "I'm a capable person who is very interested in stepping into the limelight and taking this supporters' group to the next level."

According to himself, Ross is the most likely candidate to lead a supporters' group because he knows he is the best candidate to lead a supporters' group and that knowledge that he is the best transfers itself down into every facet of his life.

"I know when to call out other people for not toeing my line and following my arbitrary rules," stated Ross into a mirror. "I know what the culture needs, and it needs more people like me. That is, people who are relentlessly obsessed with their status and position who can also use charity initiatives to make themselves look good. After all, that's what a good supporters' group does. It uses charity initiatives to embed themselves into the local community, raise funds for various things which in turn then allows the leaders to claim moral superiority over their fellow fans and also allows the local community to gloss over their abusive language in the stands. It's a win win for everyone except those that don't have time to commit to all of these extraneous activities that a supporters group does other than going to a soccer game."

We spoke to NYCFC supporters for their thoughts on the election process.

Sandra Ovamento, 22 of Brooklyn: "Well I know who he is, so I'm probably voting for him. He has a lot of Twitter followers and knows everyone, so that helps.

David Thornberry, 31 of Queens: "Everyone else running doesn't seem very confident. Plus I've seen him at games."

Paul Guiterrez, 24 of Queens: "I really don't like him. I think he is a cocky punk, but he's the only name I recognize."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as this happens everywhere that politics exists.