OP/ED: Anyone Know Who Won The MLS?

Editor's note: Views and opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of The Nutmeg News. Today's letter is from Jerry Earles of Memphis, TN.

Anyone know who won the MLS?


Does anyone know? I asked my grandson Kaiden when he came over to fix the Facebooks, but he didn't know. There aren't any games on ESPN and it seems like the end of the season. Someone had to win.

I remember back when the Diplomats were playing, we knew who won and we knew who lost. These days I can't figure out if anyone has won anything. You'd think that I could just ask my phone for the news, but she doesn't know anything either.

So if the league still isn't playing, there aren't any games on TV, someone had to win.

Ok, well.... nevermind. Look, Linda is here now and she wants to make some stew. It's delicious. You should come over some time and try it. Barbara and the kids were over last week for some stew and we sang some delightful old songs while she played at the piano. It was a reminder of old times with the kids all gathered around and Bill playing the squeezebox.... er... I'm rambling on, but still did anyone win the MLS?


Jerry Earles