PEPSICO Memorial Justin Mapp Zombie Expansion Draft Rises From Dead

Despite that blogger that you know that told you eight million times that the expansion draft was dead, The Zombie Expansion Draft rose from the dead this afternoon to once again terrorize the rosters of Major League Soccer.

(Barbara Johnston/AP file photo)

(Barbara Johnston/AP file photo)

"The expansion draft is dead," stated one anonymous asshole who hadn't checked twitter yet this morning. "Trust me. I read about it. It's definitely dead."

Given the false and overconfident assurances from a person who is neither in the league front office nor connected to anyone that would know better (other than following reporters on twitter), it was shocking, SHOCKING, today to find that the MLS expansion draft is not dead and the rules were in place for the upcoming recycling of players considered unimportant for their teams to the newest teams in Major League Soccer.

"We firmly believe that the expansion draft adds to the excitement and benefit of the league as a whole," stated commissioner of Major League Soccer Don Garber. "As such, we have decided to have the expansion draft sponsored this year and named to reflect the deep heritage of our league. This 2017 season, we will start the PEPSICO Memorial Justin Mapp Expansion Draft that will allow Atlanta United and Minnesota United to select players from the group of players who definitely weren't making it on their current teams, but are likely going to not make it on their next teams."

According to league sources, MLS executives are bullish on fans enjoying the PEPSICO Memorial Justin Mapp Expansion Draft with interactive displays of moving players and running financial totals of how much it will cost the players to move their families across north america against their current salary of $55,000

The Nutmeg News will have more from the deadline day coverage of the PEPSICO Memorial Justin Mapp Zombie Expansion Draft as it happens.