American Dilettante Finally Moves On From Premier League

Tampa, FL - American dilettante David Brady announced that he has moved on from the English Premier League after stating, "De Bruyne is the only decent player worth watching in the Premier League," on his Twitter account.

The only decent player left in the Premier League.

The only decent player left in the Premier League.

Brady has long taken an extremely narrow view of loving soccer by only watching what he claims is the best soccer in the world, even if that means changing the team he loves every year like fashion changes style.

"I've been a Barcelona fan, Madrid (both Atletico and Real) fan, Chelsea fan, Manchester United fan, Juventus fan, A.C. Milan fan, Bayern Munich fan, and a Manchester City fan for a number of different years," stated Brady to The Nutmeg News. "However, I've realized, recently, that the quality in the Premier League is awful, the players are terrible and that De Bruyne is really the only player worth watching. Everything else is just shit. I mean, the Premier League is basically on the same level as Major League Soccer. And I'm not going to be watching any of that."

Brady stated that he will only watch the best teams and the best player play the best soccer, which usually takes a few weeks into the season to dictate what he will be watching as he stated, "Leicester was the death knell of the Premier League, for me. The fact that such a shit team with shit players could win a league just proves how awful England has become. I'm off to La Liga now, it's the only bastion of good play, good players and great coaching left."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Brady examines which team he is going to watch this year based on how much they win.