Best Soccer Podcast Ever Still On Hiatus From Starting

Newark, NJ - Henry Davidson and Nathan Olivares, co-hosts of the Best Soccer Podcast Ever, admitted that their podcast is still on hiatus from starting with their inaugural podcast start time still unknown.

"I'd really to spend a few months test driving microphone and computer setups, as well"

"I'd really to spend a few months test driving microphone and computer setups, as well"

The Best Soccer Podcast Ever was scheduled to start recording in February of this year, but a varied number of excuses and life events kept the two from recording anything at all in 2016. 

"We've been on hiatus for approximately 8 months but you can't rush quality," stated Davidson. "Fortunately, we are definitely going to record the podcast this week, just as soon as we decide on a font for our website and a distribution service for putting out our audio. We've moved the Facebook group start date for the first podcast again, but I don't think anyone will mind as this is roughly the 14th time we have published a start date."

Reportedly, the duo have squabbled about every single item on the road to creating a podcast from the creation of a twitter account, to the twitter handle to the picture on the twitter header to the usage of team specific hashtags when they discuss different fanbases.

"We actually spent two months trying to figure out which webhost we should go with," stated Olivares. "It was exhausting, but we know that the effort we are putting forth will eventually be paid back from the 10s of listeners that will give the first five minutes of our podcast a listen before they decide they don't care."

"The latest argument was whether we were going to record video of the two of us recording the podcast," stated Davidson. "So we had to find a video camera and set up a test podcast to test the test podcast, but we got delayed from doing that because Nate spent 2 weeks researching which video camera was being used online with other podcasts. I still don't have an answer from him whether we are going to do this or not, so until I get that, we aren't proceeding with anything."

Friend Steven Rasmussen admits that he has been now invited to be on the show that doesn't exist roughly 14 times, as the duo keep assuring him that they are recording next week, every time they see each other at Red Bull Arena. "Just admit it isn't going to happen, guys," stated Rasumussen to friends.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Olivares and Davidson get into an argument regarding the kind of merchandise they would be comfortable selling to fans and delay the release of the podcast another month.