NWSL Announce Unpaid-Stars Game Sponsored By Dove

NEW YORK - The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL), today, announced the formation of the first annual Unpaid-Stars Game sponsored by Dove for 2017.

Photo: @ JeffKassouf   The field for the NWSL Unpaid-Stars Game

Photo: @JeffKassouf

The field for the NWSL Unpaid-Stars Game

"The National Women's Soccer League is proud to announce the formation of the DOVE Unpaid-Stars Game to be held July 2017. The game will be held at Frontier Field in Rochester, New York in order to give the game the size and scope that it needs to fit the occasion. The NWSL is proud of our players and this game will give us an opportunity to celebrate the talents of our players that literally do not get paid." - NWSL Press Release

According to inside sources, The NWSL Unpaid-Stars game will feature a skills exhibition the night before the game begins which includes the following activities.

"Shopping For Fruits And Vegetables On $1 - NWSL Extreme Coupon Cutting"

"Going On A Job Interview, Working Second Shift At Starbucks, Attending NWSL Team Training, And Working Out all in 24 hour span - NWSL Crossfit"

"Room Organization For 6 Players In A Studio Apartment - NWSL Tetris"

Reportedly, executives for the NWSL are excited about the upcoming Unpaid-Stars game as this meaningless exhibition will allow the league to cram another game into a schedule where they don't have to pay the players, can ratchet up the beer prices, overcharge for tickets and charge for meet and greet activities between the players and fans.

"This is going to be amazing! We are going to do a sliding scale payment process for our players. You want Jess Fishlock to sign something? $50. You want Alyssa Naeher to sign something? $75. You want Alex Morgan to sign something? $250. Just think of all the money making opportunities," stated the commissioner of Major League Soccer, Jeff Plush. 

"It is important to note that we can't pay the players in the Dove Unpaid-Stars game as this would void their amateur status and lead to us not making money on this game. And we know that our fans wouldn't want the league to go out of business, so clearly we can't pay the players, right? Right."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as an Amateur player suffers a career ending injury during the game and is forced to walk off the field as the league didn't provide stretchers.