Bruce Arena Interview Consists Entirely Of Cliches And Uninteresting Life Observances

Seattle, WA - A recent post-game interview with LA Galaxy manager Bruce Arena consisted of nothing but commonly used sports cliches and uninteresting life observances as the manager attempted to tamp down on his recent illuminating comments.

 "You know, this game could use a goal."

"You know, this game could use a goal."

"Yeah, you know... we really gave it 100% out there," stated a disinterested Arena to the hastily assembled press corps asking him about the recent 1-1 result. "I thought that both teams played hard and really gave it their all. You know, Football is a funny old game and we just have to take it one game at a time."

Arena peppered these mundane statements with liberal observances about the area including the statement, "It wasn't raining today, but it also wasn't too hot. It was nice."

Arena also had the following to say about the fans, "Well, what can you say about the fans, they are fantastic and so are our fans. Have you ever thought about how a butterfly can fly?"

When asked about the removal of Sigi Schmid, Arena stated, "Well, every game is a cup final now, and it's a game of two halves, and there are no easy games at this level, so all we can do as managers is just try to make each game a great advertisement for the game, give 110% and live life to its fullest."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this  as Arena is fined for his postgame comments.