FOX To Air Disclaimer Before USMNT Matches

FOX, today, announced that they will be airing a pre-game disclaimer similar to the one that Univision used to note the usage of potentially objectionable language before the Mexico - Uruguay game. The Nutmeg News has obtained a copy of what will air prior to USMNT matches.

According to sources within the FOX network, the broadcast team decided to add this after repeated viewings of the United States team attempting to play soccer against Colombia lead to a number of people complaining about the result.

"Too many people claimed that we didn't give a trigger warning as to the level of soccer quality Fox would be broadcasting," stated John Entz, president of Fox Sports. "Whether it's Klinsmann, the players, the system, or just simply the inability of a country to create a winning team... we felt it behooved us to put this out there in advance of the next game in order to stave off the complaints.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as people on twitter express outrage at the disclaimer designed to stem outrage.