NWSL Announce Expanded Academies

The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) today announced the expansion of local academies for a select number of teams in the league with the intent of having all 10 teams with academies by 2018.

Commissioner of the league, Jeff Plush, stated that it was his intention to have the academy league changed to not only grow the game and the players, but to prepare them for the challenges that the NWSL will pose for their career.

"We will be combining not only soccer skills but an overall approach to teaching," stated Plush to The Nutmeg News on Tuesday. "We will have quality instruction from our coaches and individual instruction from goalkeeping coaches. However, we will also have financial classes such as, 'How To Live On $1 A Day' and 'Break Room Food, Enough Calories To Survive?' Both of these are already popular with our current players, so we believe that our upcoming players will benefit greatly from them."

Reportedly, the NWSL academies will also have the following classroom courses alongside the instruction in play.

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The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Academy system comes to life as a pay-to-play system where young women have a pipeline as long as they have money that they aren't going to make by playing in the league in the first place.