132nd Supporters Group Forms For FC Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH - The 132nd supporters group for FC Cincinnati formed, on Tuesday, as members of the Royal Queen Armada Firm Ultras announced their participation in the 2016 via Facebook white smoke release.

"We are here, we are proud, we are pat of the Cin natn," stated the mispelled press release indicative of a group that formed after 20 minutes of drunk conversation in the stands.

With typical tweets cobbled together with photos taken by the official FC Cincinnati twitter account, the group also announced its arrival on Twitter as well.

"We are a group of likeminded fans who want to cheer the right way," stated the press release that was worded vaguely enough to allow the group of fans to continue lobbing profanity while simultaneously telling everyone around them to, "keep it classy."

Reportedly, the new supporters group had a schism with the Queen Ultras Firm City Royales over the usage of a goal kick, that has connotations to do with Pete Rose, on the 3rd kick of the night from the away keeper when he has his back to the Bailey.

"We are here to fight, cheer and drink together to create a great environment in section 134 along with the Queen Royal City Ultras, the Queen Ultras Royal, The Ultras Royale With Cheese, the Cheese Queen City Ultras, The Baily Queen City Ultras Royale, and the Queen City Modality."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the group attendance numbers peak at five.