Feilhaber And Melano Called Up For Olympic Teams

Benny Feilhaber (USA) and Lucas Melano (ARG) have reportedly been called up by their respective national swimming and iving teams for the 2016 Olympics after their display of theatrical diving, over the weekend.

Penalty Kicks.

Penalty Kicks.

"We had a good long look at Benny's magnificent dive against Dallas and thought that his ability would work well in the pools in Rio," stated William Walker, chair of the USA Diving Foundation. "We thought that his technique was excellent, and that he really managed to earn himself a place diving for our team."

As well, Lucas Melano was reportedly called in for the struggling Argentina diving team as originally Argentina were not scheduled to have any representatives in the pool during the 2016 games.

"It is in this way that Melano will represent our country on the spring board," stated Javier Moquina, director of Argentina Diving for 2022. "His front flip on the field shows that he has the technique to master the qualifying dives and his form was nearly perfect to convince the judges."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as both players debate the pros and cons of skipping the heat of the summer to go do what they would naturally do on the field anyway.