Carefully Curated Soccer Twitter Feed Now Just Hated Personas And Cat Pictures

Indianapolis, IN - Indy 11 fan Hannah Stone admitted that her carefully curated twitter feed of soccer personas and interesting international news has now turned into a collection of hated soccer personas and cat pictures.

The example of a soccer dickhead.

The example of a soccer dickhead.

"It's sad but true," stated Ms. Stone to The Nutmeg News. "My original purpose on twitter was to talk soccer with friends and find more information about teams that I like. Now it seems that twitter has just turned into a place where I keep tabs on all the dickheads that surround my team, sport and country."

Despite her pure intentions and having met a number of soccer supporters through the medium, the overall arc of twitter has been a negative one for Ms. Stone as she admitted, "I constantly think about just deactivating my account, deleting my facebook and doing something meaningful with my life other than signing up for social media where I'm informed on a daily basis about the awful realities of our world and sport."

Reportedly, this is why Ms. Stone signed up for the Kitten-A-Day twitter account as she stated, "I needed something to break through the constant bullshit and outrage that perpetually hits my account." Sadly for Ms. Stone, the Kitten-A-Day twitter account has experienced a delay in content as it continues to work on its sister site, "Gun Violence Victim-A-Day."

The Nutmeg News will have more on Ms. Stone as she gets into a delightful arugment about gun control and immigrant status in international football before being told to, "get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich" by a 13 year old boy from San Luis Obispo.