Man Watches Conor Casey Red Card Replay 10 Times To Try To Figure Things Out

Columbus, OH - Columbus Crew fan Kevin Short admitted that he watched the replay of the Conor Casey red card decision roughly 10 times in order to try to figure out what the hell happened last night that caused his dismissal.

Hey Keegan Rosenberry! WE SEE YOU!

Hey Keegan Rosenberry! WE SEE YOU!

"There has to be something there," mumbled Short under his breath. "There has to be something there. I'm a reasonable guy. I don't chant things against the referee. I admit that they have a tough job. I understand how difficult it can be to see every little thing; but I looked 10 times in a row and 10 times in a row I'm still very confused."

Reportedly, Short thought he had a bead on the issue, then realized he didn't, and then by the 10th time he watched the replay of the incident all the way through he was fully confused and back to just hating both the referee and Conor Casey.

"While I know this is the referee's fault, I'm also certain that this is really somehow Casey's fault. Good grief, why on earth did we pick him up?"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Short goes to work only to immediately be asked, "What was up with that red card?" by his friend Roger.