"Anne Of Green Street Hooligans" Story Enthralls Youth And Adult Alike

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - A new sequel, reworked for a modern audience, in the Anne Of Green Gables story has been capturing and enthralling adults and children alike as an upcoming reading on Prince Edward Island finished to capacity crowd for the new Anne Of Green Street Hooligans book.

The Nutmeg News was able to obtain an excerpt from the book and our arts and entertainment reporters have been able to confirm that the book has been optioned into an upcoming movie.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2: Matthew Cuthbert Is Not Surprised of the new bestseller: Anne of Green Street Hooligans

In my day, there was nothing else to do that came close to it. No Xbox, internet, theme parks or horse riding eight miles to Bright River. Football was one of the only hobbies available to young, working-class kids, and at the football, you were either a hunter or the hunted like Matthew Cuthbert taught me years ago.

I became a hunter. I looked for trouble and found it by the lorry load, as there were literally thousands of like-minded kids desperate for a weekly dose of it. Like a heroin addict craves for his needle fix or an orphan craves a family, our fix was football violence.

There were times when I thought to myself, give it up. Usually when I was in court, looking at another jail sentence—or, on one occasion, when I stood alongside a mate who was clutching his side, preventing his kidney from spewing out of his body after being slashed wide-open when things came on top in Manchester.  His blood and viscera reminded me of my hair. Oh my hair.

"Yes, it's red," I said resignedly. "Now you see why I can't be perfectly happy. Nobody could who has red hair. I don't mind the other things so much--the freckles and the green eyes, my skinniness or the guy whose face I smashed in with my trainer at the Asda when he said that West Ham is shit. I can imagine them away. I can imagine that I have a beautiful rose-leaf complexion and lovely starry violet eyes. But I cannot imagine that red hair away."

While some parents have been taken aback by the strong language and adult situations of the new Anne of Green Street Hooligans, children are reportedly in love and it shows with a new uptick in the purchase of Sergio Tacchini track tops for girls ages 12 and under. 

"I want to be just like Anne when I grow up," stated 11 year old Georgina Rust. "Roaming the fields and streams with a horse and figuring out life and taking down loads of piss drunk Chavs in the streets with a bats only meet before busting up the old bill. God, what a life."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we are able to obtain further excerpts from Anne of Green Street Hooligans