Man Arbitrarily Roots For Sunderland Relegation

LOS ANGELES - Soccer fan Horatio Gomez decided, randomly, at 8:30 am pacific time to root against Sunderland for the remaining two games of the season stating, "Fuck those guys, I hope they get relegated," on his twitter account.

"I have no strong feelings on Luton Town" - Horatio Gomez

"I have no strong feelings on Luton Town" - Horatio Gomez

The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr. Gomez via phone about his recent realization.

"I don't have any particular reason to hope that they go down, but I saw some fans talking shit online about teams that I tend to like and they were Sunderland fans so I've just decided that I don't like them now and I hope they get relegated."

Reportedly, Mr Gomez doesn't typically feel strongly about any of the teams in the relegation battle and empathizes with their fanbase, but the twitter account of one Sunderland fan has rendered him into a frothing hater of all things Wearside. 

"I hate Sunderland, I hate Sam Allardyce, and I hate... um.... what's the name of a player on their team? Is Altidore still playing for them? No? Well, I hate... hold on.... Whabi Kharzi. There. I hope they go down to the Championship and never come up. SUCK ON THAT @WearSunFanatic69"