PreCog Taylor Twellman Finds Future and Present Time Indistinguishable

Boston, MA - As he woke up in a translucent liquid that focuses his ability to see the future, Taylor Twellman screamed, ** TRANSFER INCOMING -- KEI KAMARA TO THE NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION**"

Twellman's focusing pool where he works with other precogs to train them on finding confirmed transfer reports.

Twellman's focusing pool where he works with other precogs to train them on finding confirmed transfer reports.

This was the beginning of The Nutmeg News interview with Mr Twellman and we waited til he was dressed to speak to him about his precognitive abilities on the veranda of his palatial estate in Boston

"Life Is hell and I'm about to lose my hat," stated Twellman as he looked off into the distance while a cold wind blew his hat off into his waiting hand. "Or maybe life was hell. I can no longer distinguish between the present and the future. All things are one within the multiverse, the universe, player transfers and major soccer events. Also, you are about to have a ladybug land on your jacket and your phone is going to ring."

Both of these last events happened as predicted, but this should come as no surprise anymore. It has long been an open secret that Twellman's ability to disclose transfer information before it happens is unnatural, but he reports that living with the ability to see the future, the past and the present all as one heaving organism that tumbles within his frontal cortex out to the world is not a walk on the beach.

"Giovinco goal, assisted by Bradley, 31st minute, the defense should have closed down the open man," randomly stated Mr. Twellman again as he spoke with our reporter. "I don't know where it comes from, but I can feel it upon me at times. It is akin to when you can't remember a song title, but you know it will come to your memory if you just focus. I can see the things that happen," Mr Twellman paused here, shuddered and screamed ** MASSIVE TRADE INCOMING** before continuing with our interview, "but I can't do anything but be a vessel, a conduit for the information out there."

While Mr Twellman stated that being able to see both the future and the present and the past at one time is both a blessing and a curse, he also emphatically stated, "Matthew, Don't get married to Karina, it doesn't turn out well. Also, this whole seeing the future thing has never worked for me with MLS Fantasy, which is crazy. It seems that being able to see the future only works in the real world. Go figure."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Twellman accurately predicts that the response to the Kamara trade within the Columbus fanbase will not be immediately positive.